Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You Guys are Awesome!

Wow, you guys are awesome!! I actually considered the Monster Dash Half (and haven't completely ruled it out yet)...but it sounds like it was pretty disorganized last year. I have never heard of the Walker North Country one - I will have to check that one out.

Karen - I usually run before the little ones are awake - I kinda wish I could run with them more often, but I am not running in the afternoons this time of year! They will have to wait until it cools off a little before we are regular running buddies again.

(Just thought I would address a couple comments here first)

Here is the update: I have been playing with my training schedule (yet again) to see if I could work in some swim & bike without cutting back too much on the running. It turns out that I may be able to do it! Yesterday I biked to work and back, and was still able to do a short 1.5 mile run before work. So, I am thinking that I could do a day of bike and a day of swim on my short easy run days. I would still have 1 to 2 complete rest days. Here is a sample week:

Monday - Rest or 1.5 recovery (from Sunday LSD)
Tuesday - Bike 6.5 miles (to and from work) and 1.5 mile run
Wednesday - 5 mile easy run
Thursday - 6 mile tempo run (or other speedwork)
Friday - Swim and 2 mile run
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 9 miles LSD
Total Running Mileage = 25 miles

(Note that this particular week would be a couple weeks away) I think I am going to give it a shot and if I feel like I am overdoing it, I can always cut back on something.

Rachel - Good Luck on the Gopher to Badger Half this weekend!!

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the encouraging message! And that schedule looks like it could really work. Someday I'll add biking and swimming into the mix so it is encouraging to see others do so.