Friday, August 22, 2008

Running Toys

I have been thinking lately that I really want a new Garmin. I have been having issues with the Nike+ lately, and I never really go to the website anymore. I figure I could sell my old Garmin (201) for about $50 and the Nike Sportband set-up (yeah, I know I just got it) for $30-$40. And I could get a Garmin 205 (one of the older models, not the sweet new ones that look like a watch, but the ones that are much smaller than my old one) for about $150. I mean, I would love one of the new ones, but they are more like $300. What do you think? Am I just being greedy? I know I don't really NEED a new toy, but I am willing to give up my old ones… But I already got some new running toys this year - the Sportband and a Polar HRM - I don't need it.

Maybe I should take a different route and try going back to the basics for a while instead. I could stop using the Nike+ and just time my runs. I could get the mileage afterwards (I am never really sure of my route beforehand) on runningahead/mapmyrun etc. I believe the term I heard lately is "running blind." Plus, I do all my speedwork on a treadmill anyway, so I have the pacing help I need there.

My latest progress:
Yesterday I did an easy 4.2 miles around the neighborhood. For some reason, I could have sworn it was further. I mean, I felt great I just thought I should have been close to 5 miles for the route I took.

This morning I did my easy 2 mile warm-up before swimming...16 lengths! Not that 16 is very impressive, but I am happy with it...I am showing steady improvement.


Karen said...

Nice job on the swimming! Doesn't the pool feel great on all your running muscles? It's a nice change.

Here's my "Should I get this running toy" test: a) Can I pay cash for it, b) Will this expenditure cause me to put other things on credit instead of paying cash for them?, c) Will this help keep me running for the long haul? If the answers are yes, no, yes....then I feel no guilt and buy away! Going out for a nice dinner & a movie for two people is likely to cost you almost as much as the Garmin.

jodes said...

wow, and here I was going to say 16th lengths is great!! LOL! i still think it is!

I say go for the new toy! I have a Garmin and I really like it. I also have a Nike+ and love that as well. But the Garmin is so much better in the fact that its more accurate. I like the Nike because of the fun challenges, and i like seeing my progress laid out for me. Which come to think of it, I can do with the Garmin - i just never learned how.

Anyway, i say go for it! :o)