Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Legs so sore...

My legs feel like I just ran a marathon! Well, like I imagine I would feel if I had run a marathon. I overdid it on Monday on the squats. I hadn't done any in a couple months and decided to do a whole bunch of them in one morning.

I was sore yesterday morning, but I didn't think too much of I went ahead and did some speedwork (mind you, I haven't done any actual speedwork in a couple months either). I knew after my run yesterday that today was going to be an (unscheduled) rest day, but I didn't realize I would still be this stiff!! I am hoping that a nice easy run tomorrow will help loosen them back up again...if I can manage to get a run in tomorrow that is.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Goals

I have officially decided on some running goals for 2009. Some of them are pretty aggressive, but if I keep at it I think I should be able to attain most of them. I honestly am not expecting to accomplish all of them (although that would be wonderful) - part of the problem will be finding enough races to fit into my schedule. I have listed the goals in the I can see them every time I visit my blog!

Hopefully, I will be accomplishing the first goal in January...running a 1 mile race. There are a couple indoor track events that I am considering. I have never been to an indoor track event (or any track event), so it should be interesting. I checked last year's results and it looks like I will probably be the slowest one there...but hey - someone has to do it, right?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Thanks Santa!

For the higher temps. I actually got a couple outside runs in over the holiday!

Christmas Eve afternoon I decided to try a short run...I made it 1.5 miles. My legs were about to the limit (cold-wise) when I made it home. A chilly run, but the first outdoor run this month!

Then, Christmas day was looking so good...a little warmer (teens) and sunny with little wind...that I just had to go out again. I started the same 1.5 mile route I did the day before, but since I wasn't getting cold, I decided to make it longer. Well, I got a couple miles out and decided to cut through some "Minimum Maintenance" trails to get back home...WOW, running in a couple inches of snow up and down hills is hard work!! I was completely beat when I got home (about 3 miles) but it felt so good!

This morning I went to the gym.

I hope Santa was good to you too!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Such a Slacker!

I have been a big slacker you can tell from my lack of posting. I went out of town for Turkey day and it threw off my routine. I actually went for a couple runs while out of town, but when I got back it took me about 2 weeks to actually get into the gym for a run (it has been WAY too cold/icy for me to run outside).

So, now that I am over a week back in my routine I finally feel like I am not a slacker anymore. I am definitely not going to make that 100 mile month for December, but maybe January? We will have to see.