Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Slacker...but at least I have been running!

It has been so crazy at work the past couple months - I am an accountant that has so much year-end stuff to deal with that it takes at least 2 months! Since I typically blog from work, that means that I haven't had much time to write anything. Well, the end of the tunnel is near…just a couple more weeks and I will be able to breath again.

I have been keeping up with reading all of my favorite blogs though…and have even managed to post a comment here and there.

I also have managed to keep up my running (although I honestly don't know how). I am really starting to look forward to warmer weather and earlier sunrises to get me off that treadmill! I have gotten outside a couple times in the last few weeks, but it is just still so cold. I was hoping to be able to move my long runs outside over the next couple weeks, but I can't stay outside for more than 3-4 miles, and that isn't a very long run.

Next week I will be in Florida! For a work-related turned family vacation trip (first part of the week is work, followed by a long weekend of family fun). Wish me luck on getting in some warm outdoor runs!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hard Workout Today...in a good way

I didn't get out to run at all this weekend, and that bothers me. I mean, it was finally kinda nice outside (well, it was likely pretty slick with the melting snow/ice everywhere) and I didn't get to enjoy it. Oh well, sometimes running isn't the most important thing in life.

However, I took it out on the treadmill this morning. I did a reasonably long run of six miles AND included some pretty good bursts of speed and ended up averaging too fast of a pace to really call it a true "long run" - it was more of a long fartlek workout. It felt pretty good though to push hard and still make it that far. I will definitely be taking it easy tomorrow...maybe a couple miles followed by a short swim?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Running on Empty

A little advice: If you wake up with your stomach growling, eat something before trying to run. I used to be good about eating something small before heading out for my run, but lately I have been slacking. I just haven't really been hungry that early in the morning. This morning I was. Yet, I still didn't eat anything. I went to the gym with plans to run a couple mile warm-up and then hop in the pool for some laps (I haven't been in the pool in a few months). The 'warm-up' about kicked my butt. I felt like I was struggling a little bit just to go 20 minutes. I still went to the pool and got in a few laps though.

This lesson has really helped me to understand the importance to fueling. No fuel = no energy = tough run!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Out of Town Running

I spent the weekend in Chicago visiting a friend. I wasn't expecting to get out for a run, but of course I took some gear just in case! Well, it turns out I did make it out - and the weather was beautiful...much warmer than it has been, and the Windy City wasn't even that windy. My friend lives right near Lincoln Park Zoo, which is literally on the shore of Lake Michigan. I walked about 3-4 blocks total before I made it to the lakeshore. Looking toward the lake, it was a gorgeous view - a few yards of snow with the light waves of the lake just beyond. One thing that is nice about a lake the size of Lake Michigan (as opposed to the Minnesota lakes I usually run around) is that you can't see the other side...it might as well be the ocean, the water goes right to the horizon. It would have been a perfect run, if the smell of exhaust didn't keep reminding me that I was literally running alongside a highway! It wasn't a very long run either, just about 2.5 miles (Oh yeah, I forgot to grab my Garmin too) because I only had a pair of retired running shoes with me that I had brought as comfortable walking shoes. Oh well, it was still a nice (and unexpected) run. Plus, I do enjoy seeing some new running scenery.