Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am amazed this hasn't happened before, but I overslept this morning. The alarm is always set for 5AM and I quickly turn it off when it starts (off, not snoozed) to avoid waking up the little ones in the next room. Then I doze for about 10-30 minutes before actually getting out of bed. Somehow I always manage to wake up in time to do whatever I need to do and get to work by 7:30ish. Well, this morning that didn't happen. I turned off the alarm at 5 and when I opened my eyes again the clock said 6:30!!

Luckily I had my stuff for the day packed and ready to go. So, I threw on my running clothes and grabbed my bag and headed to the gym for some intervals. Unfortunately I didn't have time for the 5 miles I had planned, but I made it just over 3 before I had to start showering etc for work. Well, I made it to work right at 8:00 - I can't believe I was still able to fit in a decent run. These are the days I am glad I live (and gym) so close to work!

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Rachel said...

Oh man! Good you made it there!! Good thing you live and gym close to where you work. I unfortunately play the "tour the cities" game on a daily basis with all of the various places I have to go.