Monday, August 11, 2008

Nine Miles Down

I went downtown yesterday to run along the River Road...I had 8.5 miles on the schedule, but I figured I would play it by ear. I had a route planned out that was right around the 8.5 miles. I parked at the Stone Arch bridge (cuz I knew there was parking there) and had a 5ish mile loop to the south and a 3ish mile loop to the north mapped out.

I got to the parking lot right on schedule and realized I had to pee...and no bathroom/port-a-potty in sight. So, with that many miles ahead of me, I got back in the car and found a gas station before I started.

Once I got back, I headed out on my southern loop. I got a little over a half mile down the road before I hit the road block...road closed...OMG why did I not think about the construction for the 35W bridge? I tried to go around it, but after a few blocks I realized that wasn't going to happen. So, I turned around and headed back to the start. I crossed the StoneArch and headed out on my northern loop. Through a park and down a couple blocks and road closed! What is up with this? So, I went over a block and tried to find my way back toward the river, but I was essentially in a residental neighborhood at this point...I could do this in my neighborhood! Eventually I found a bridge that took me back across the river (not the one I had originally planned). And when I got to the other side, I found the "Grand Rounds" trails that run pretty much all around the city (This is the same group of trails that I run on around the lakes area). Now this is what I was thinking that running along the river would be! Unfortunately, I was back by my car way to early to call it a day. So, I headed back across the river and just kept going straight (at this point, I just wanted to get my miles in). I got to the end of the road, and not wanting to get lost this late in the run turned around and headed back. I got to my car (again) right about 8 miles...and surprisingly, I wasn't ready to stop yet! I decided on one more out & back to the Hennepin bridge (about half a mile away), and finished right at 9 miles! My legs didn't really get tired until around 8.5 miles (the last half mile was pretty tough).

Overall, although it wasn't the run I had planned, it felt great! I can't believe I am able to comfortably run that distance! Now there is nowhere to go except double digits!


Rachel said...

Awesome job on that 9 miler!! You might want to try to take it west of the cities sometime for those long runs. The Three Rivers District has some great trails that go for what seems like forever around Hopkins and Chanhassen.

SueBob said...

Thanks. That is a good idea - I actually have a map at home of the Three Rivers trails. I have run a few of them...I can get to the edge of them from my house, and usually run on them for my long runs around my house, but considering how big the trail system is...I have barely started.

*jen* said...

That's awesome, great job!! I'm very eager to get to double digits as well. I hope I feel as good on my next long run as you did. Well done! :)