Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flying Fast...well, kinda...

I didn't find the "Pig Lickers" at the fair this weekend, but I did try the "Big Fat Bacon" - which I do not recommend. It is an extra thick slice of bacon (I think it is suppose to be 1/3 lb) on a stick (of course) cooked on the grill with some maple glaze. Ok, so this is probably something I should know better than to eat…but it is the "Great Minnesota Get Together" unusual things like that are allowed. This one was way too fatty for me though.

We are going back tomorrow with the kids, and I am hoping to track down the "Pig Lickers" which are crispy fried bacon pieces covered with chocolate…only at the Fair!

I've had a pretty good running week so far (although it is early). I think I like having my long run on Saturday better than Sunday. Then after my Sunday rest day I was ready to start the week fresh. Also, I may actually be able to make it to a group run sometime (the one at the gym meets Saturday morning).

Monday - I made it out for a 4.5 miler. I had to leave the house while it was still pretty dark to get it done in time for work…I am really not liking that. I am considering if I need to go get some visibility stuff (lights, reflectors, whatever) or if I should go ahead and move my runs to after work. It was pretty cool out, I actually wished I had gloves! I was plenty warmed up by the time I made it home, but the start of the run was chilly.

Tuesday (today) - I biked in to work again and decided to see if I could beat my old 1 mile time on the treadmill. I started at 5.5 mph and did a progression run where I increased 0.2 mph every minute for 10 minutes…brought me up to 7.5 mph! Then I slowed down the pace until I was right around 15 minutes. My mile time (according to Nike+) was 9:24, but I know I could have done better. My overall pace (including cool-down) was 9:39! That is flying for me!! If only I could hold that for twice the distance I could break a 30 minute 5K!! Maybe one day….at least it gives me hope for now.

I think there is a track about a mile from the office (and in the general direction of home) so I am going to see if I can find it on my home tonight. Maybe I will stop there next week on the way in to work instead of doing my short run here.


Karen said...

You did great on your progression run. I was visualizing myself getting my speed up to 7.5....and getting flung right off the treadmill unable to handle it. Wow! You were really moving.

Big Fat Bacon was enough to nauseate even me, a confirmed bacon lover.

Rachel said...

Awesome job on that run! GREAT speed!

For some reason the bacon and another greasy fair food doesn't seem to entice me. BUT I always stand in line for the milk...I've been twice already and I'm pretty sure I've consumed at least a gallon :-)

Rachel said...

Oops...sorry major typo in there. Another should be "other". I graduated with an English degree...but you wouldn't know it by my constant typos.