Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 Hours, 3 Lakes, 10.86 Miles

I can barely believe I did it, but I just finished running the entire "Chain of Lakes" Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriett, and Lake of the Isles. Then I ran about 5 minutes past my car and back to hit 2 hours! I not only hit double digits, I kept going!!

Well, I just popped in cuz I was so excited...gotta go. We are going to the State Fair today. Maybe I will try some "Pig Lickers" (chocolate covered bacon).


Karen said...

Sounds like it must have been a beautiful run around all those lakes.

Have fun at the fair. Pig Lickers? Glad I've never seen them, I know I'd be hooked. There's nothing quite like sweet and salty together.

jodes said...

Dang Girl!! Welcome to the double digits!!! I wish i had lakes to run around - sounds really nice!

*jen* said...

Way to go!! I was super psyched to hit double's kind of a relief somehow.

What are "pig lickers"?!

Jen said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go!

Running Kate said...


Im brand new to running and Im really loving your blog! Keep up the awesome work (and the blogging so I can continue to be inspired.)