Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Speed Work

I did some quick speed work Monday night...somewhere around 1.75 miles. It felt really good to actually push myself and run hard. My fastest "speed" section was at 7.0 mph (8:34 min/mi) but by then I was only going 0.1 miles at a time. I might have gone further, but I haven't done any speed work in a while, and I didn't want my legs to get sore before Saturday. The plan is to fit in one more short run Wed/Thurs this week and see what I can do Saturday in the 5K. Hopefully, all the snow will melt before then and it will actually be above freezing Saturday morning! I am not expecting a great time for this one...just a decent finish will be fine. I have other 5Ks later in the summer to worry about PRing. This is more of a welcome-back-to-races kinda 5K for me.

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