Saturday, April 12, 2008

Squeezing in the Miles

Ok, I am suppose to increasing my miles, but I am having trouble even finding time for the same # of miles. It has been so crazy at work, and I am still recovering from being out of town with the family. I finally got to sleep-in today, so at least I don't feel so tired. We have so much to do around the house to get it back in order though, and I am going to have to go into work for a few hours this weekend. Plus, we have the normal weekend stuff to do. And I am leaving town (for work this time) Wed-Fri this week! It is just so hard to get in those miles. If it was a little warmer (we have snow on the ground again!!) I would be able to take the kiddos out in the jogging stroller, but that will have to wait a little while longer. Oh well, I guess I will just try to squeeze them in when I can.

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