Monday, April 21, 2008

My "Florida Run" in Minnesota

So, I spent the Wed-Fri in FL for a conference. I was sooo looking forward to some beautiful weather to run in for a change. I even went online and found the website of the local running club which listed out some of their favorite running routes/locations. And guess what? There was one that went right by my hotel! How lucky could I be?

Unfortunately, the conference was so busy and short and I wasn’t going to be there at all before or afterward. I figured I could get up and run in the morning before I had to be in ‘class’. I had done this before when out of town. Since I didn’t have to drive anywhere, I should have plenty of time, right? Well, the first morning I got up and put on my running clothes…I went to the balcony to see how cool it was (did I need to grab the jacket?)…the hotel was literally on the beach, and it was so dark that I couldn’t even see the water! Now, maybe if I hadn’t seen a snake slithering through the grass the day before I would have still ventured out, but I decided against it. I also was not able to get a run in that night, by the time the dinner event was over it was getting dark again.

So, the next morning I woke up and reserved myself to the steamy fitness center (not a fan blowing) just so that I could get a run in while out of town. On the bright side, I caught a bit of the sunrise over the ocean on my way back to the room.

So, I got back Friday night and took Saturday getting everything back in order. Sunday was so nice that I just had to get out. I got the kids strapped in the double-wide and headed out. It was the beautiful weather I have had the pleasure to run in all year (so far). We stopped off at the park and the kids each got a turn on the swing. It turned out to be a wonderful time – much better than FL…so, I managed to get my Florida run…just in Minnesota!

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*jen* said...

Hey there, nice to meet you too! You're totally right about the comment you left on my page - about pavement running being harder on your legs - I'm still recovering. Ouch.

Where were you at in FL? It's a good time of year to run but pretty soon it will be completely unbearable to even STAND outside, let alone run. I'm sorry you weren't able to run while you were here but am glad you still got your relaxing "FL run" in at home. :)