Friday, April 25, 2008

Stroller Training

There is a paved trail near my house that I have only been on in one direction (it goes to a nearby lake). I have been wondering all spring where the other direction of the trail goes. However, there were so many trees along the trail that I could see there was still snow on it long after most of our snow had melted. Plus, I wanted to use that as a long run so that I could really see where it went – I mean, I knew the first mile or so because it is comes out along my drive to work. Anyway, I finally made it down the “Regional Trail” as the signs call it. The kids and I went out for a longish run on Wednesday (a distance PR for a stroller run). Most of the trail was pretty boring, it went around the local country club and was mostly a large sidewalk along some local roads. However, it had some GREAT hills! I never thought I would learn to appreciate hills. Not the super-steep hills that are down the street from my house that I won’t even try to run (up or down). But reasonable grade and length. The kind of hill that at the top I really felt like I accomplished something by running the entire hill *especially with that double stroller* and had to remind myself not to take the downhill too fast because there was another hill waiting for me at the bottom. It turns out the trail doesn’t go that far though…just under 2 miles from home it suddenly ended. I got to a stop light and there was no trail, not even any sidewalks in any direction except the one I had come from (and it is a somewhat busy road). So, I turned around and went back.

The trip back through those hills was tougher than the way out though, since I was now running into the wind. If I was by myself it wouldn’t have matter as much, but that stroller really drags in the wind. I made it back up all but the biggest hill without walking. I felt really good about the run overall, but now I feel like I need to go back in a couple of weeks and conquer all the hills both ways. The total run was 3.69 miles according to Nike+ at an average pace of 11:40 (which is pretty decent considering the stroller & hills). I checked at 3.11 miles and I was just over 36 minutes…

My next race is coming in only a week…assuming the weather cooperates, this will be the first race I will run with the stroller. It is suppose to be a beautiful course, it is a 5K at the Univ of MN Arboretum. However, a coworker who has run it in past years told me that it was pretty hilly. I am not even worrying about time for this race, it is more about hoping the kids are good. Then we can walk around the arboretum and check out all the spring blooms! Hopefully we have a nice day!!


*jen* said...

That sounds like a nice upcoming run. Good luck and have fun. Great job on yesterday's stroller run! I have a hard enough time running on my own. I can't begin to imagine how tough it would be to push a double stroller around (and up hills!). Go you!!

Oh, I love Amelia Island! I've only been there once (long time ago) but at that time it was one of the most beautiful beaches I'd ever seen.

You might be right about the dry mouth thing; it might be just that, not necessarily thirst. Do your lips get super dry? Maybe I should drench my lips in vaseline or something before I go b/c that's a big problem for me as well as the dry mouth. Ugh. I'll figure it out one of these days. :)

Momma M said...

Sue Bob,
I've been trying to find a good stroller workout and enjoy reading your blog just for training ideas. I don't know of anyone out htere with any advice on how to do this. I just wanted to say thanks!