Monday, September 15, 2008

One more lake in the books

"I decided to go in a different direction than I normally do for my shorter runs, and went to a nearby lake to see how far the paved trail went (I had only been about a mile up the trail previously). Well, since the lake is about a mile away, I still only made it 2 miles along the trail before I had to turn around and come back, but now I think I may drive the couple miles to pick up where I left off on one of my upcoming long runs. I am not sure if you can go all the way around the lake or not (it would probably be about 8-10 miles around if there are enough trails)." - Adventures of Suebob posted 6/9/08

I did it!! I ran all the way around that lake! And I even had to add a couple loops around the block to get to my total distance for a run of 11 miles! Turns out the loop around the lake is just under 8 miles (which isn't completely trails, I had to hit the roads on one side and wasn't really next to the lake anymore). It wasn't the best long run I've had - it took longer than usual to get into a rhythm - but I feel like I accomplished something I previously (no so recently) didn't think I could do!!

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Rachel said...

Congrats on the 11 miles!!! YAY!