Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back on the 100 Push-up Bandwagon

I ended up taking a rest day on Monday and I had a decent 4.25 mile easy run this morning on the treadmill. Nothing special to write about, just a decent run. I did notice something odd though…my nose has been running constantly starting yesterday morning, but it stopped while I was running. I had tissues with me, expecting to need them, but I didn't need one until I stopped the treadmill. Just an odd observation…

I got sucked back into the 100 push-up challenge - hopefully I will stick with it longer this time. A bunch of people on the RWOL BF are doing the challenge. The good news is that I started with quite a few more push-ups this time than the first time I started. Here is the summary for week 1:

W1D1 (9/12) - 10,10,8,6,16 = 50
W1D2 (9/13) - 12,12,10,10,11 = 55
W1D3 (9/15) - 15,13,10,10,17 = 65
Total week 1 = 170

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