Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally, a longer run...

Wow, with the triathlon last week, a cut-back week, and life in general, it seemed like forever since I had done any runs with a little distance. I looked back and it had been since Labor Day that I had a single run of at least 3 miles! Now, I had quite a few runs in the 2 mile range, and plenty of cross-training, but it just seemed weird to only have short runs. Since I am planning a double digit long run this weekend, I needed to get in some decent miles this week.

I struggled this morning, and had to get off the treadmill a couple times, but I ended up making it 6 miles. I feel much better now that it is over. I thought I would do a tempo run with 4 miles at 10K pace, but as soon as I stepped on the treadmill I knew that wasn't going to happen. Instead I maintained a slow and easy pace. It still felt pretty hard - so I am going to treat it like a hard run and take it easy again tomorrow. I am afraid my body is busy fighting off a little illness. DD wasn't feeling good last night and had a bit of a fever.

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