Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tough Getting Out There

Something really didn't want me to get my run in this morning!

I woke up and got out of bed fine (only one snooze) and the kids seemed to still be sleeping. So, I ate my PBJ grabbed a water and got dressed. I had a terrible case of bed-head this morning, so I stopped off in the bathroom downstairs to tame it before I slid into my shoes and grabbed my water/ipod. Just as I was putting the ipod on my arm…crying upstairs. And not just wimpering, I am just starting to open my eyes crying - it was loud I want my bottle NOW crying. So, out of my shoes, put down the ipod and head upstairs to get the bottles.

Half an hour later the kids were back in bed (not actually sleeping, but no longer crying). So now is my last chance to make it out the door. I slide back into the shoes, grab my ipod, and check to make sure it is picking up my sensor (I have been having some issues lately because I have 2 sensors, an ipod, and a sportband - so I think it gets confused what sensor/receiver it is suppose to be looking for). The ipod would not turn on! Now, it was only used once since it was charged last, and was sitting in my gym bag since. The 'lock' switch was on, so it couldn't have been accidentally turned on in the bag. Argh…back upstairs again to find the sportband…and I was actually looking forward to the music today for some reason!

Well, I finally made it out the door and had a pretty decent run (although I did miss the tunes). I made my typical 3 mile loop. It is getting kinda nice to have regular routes for my weekday runs. I don't have to think about it along the run. I already know where I am suppose to turn and how far it is going to take me. I get some adventure on my long runs on the weekend…but during the week, it is nice to know what to expect and just run.


Rachel said...

Good to hear you made it out there! I never get to run with music lately so this just made me think about what it might be like on the other side with tunes.

jodes said...

what a hectic morning! I'm in awe of you mothers that run. I don't know how you do it. Typical that the ipod wasn't working on the day you wanted tunes. Why is it always like that?! LOL!!