Monday, June 16, 2008

Catch-up for the Week

Wow, it has been almost a week since I blogged! Where has the time gone? I have been reading everyone else’s, but have been slacking on my own. So, here is the update:

Tuesday – 2.3 miles @ 10:12 pace…pretty fast for me, left me wondering how fast I can run a mile now, I haven’t tried just one fast mile in a long time.

Wednesday – 3.4 miles @ 10:45 pace…just another run, not great, not bad, getting those miles in.

Friday – 2.25 miles on treadmill…I hadn’t run on the treadmill in while, but it was late and I wasn’t running outside in the dark, plus I needed to get some XT/weight-training in still. So, I did a mile warm-up, and then ran that fast mile (see Tuesday) which I managed to do in 9:16!! I was definitely pleased with that. Then I did some weights and finished off with a couple miles on the bike.

Sunday – 6.51 miles @ 11:42 pace…I have decided that I really like checking out all the paved trails that run throughout the twin cities. The problem is that I can still only go a few miles before I have to turn around and go back. This time I went the other direction on the trail that took me to the Lake last weekend. I thought maybe it would end up going the other direction around the lake – nope. Instead I ended up on a couple pretty long bridges through some marshland(??) Ok, I am not a natury person and I don’t know if it was a marsh, but there was a good 5-10 acres of those cattail things with the bridge and a RR track running through. I made a note of an intersection I could see from the trail near the end of the trail…so that I could figure out where I had actually run to! I really have to try to take the old camera with me next weekend so that I can take some pics when I come across cool areas like that.

The ‘out’ portion of my run was great. I was tempted to keep going when I hit the midway point in mileage. Boy am I glad I didn’t make that mistake! As soon as I turned around I realized just how bright the sun was getting (it was probably about 7:30 AM) and just how little shade there was on those bridges, and just how humid the air was getting from the combination of the storm the night before and now bright sun. At least I had plenty of water this time. Anyway, I was hot and exhausted by the time I made it home. Next week I have 7 miles on the schedule…I can do it – it is only another half mile, right?


Rachel said...

Great job on getting that mileage in! I love running on the trails around the TC although I also face the problem of having to turn back at some point. There is a trail near my apt that goes for 27 miles or so and I know that I will never make the whole thing because there is no way I can run 27 miles to have to return back 27 miles. That's like a double marathon. But good job on those runs early in the AM. I'm horrible at pre-7ish runs.

Karen said...

It's so encouraging watching your progress and tenacity. Any real distance still looks so intimidating to me yet. By the way...congrats on your sounds like it was a fun race!