Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pros/Cons of Biking

As compared to running, that is.

· You can rest while moving (downhill that is)
· You always have a place to sit down
· You can stretch while still moving (well, unless you are going uphill)
· You get there faster (if you are in fact going somewhere)

· Uphill is HARD
· It is harder to restart once you stop (ie traffic lights, etc)
· Feeling sore in new places (ok, this could kinda be a pro too)
· More dangerous to navigate (curbs, off road, etc)

So, I finally went for it this morning…I biked to work. I have been thinking about it since the weather warmed up, since I only live about 3.25 miles from work. But I had a few concerns - What if it is raining when I am ready to go home? Should I shower at home or at work? Can I even bike for over 3 miles? Will I be able to bike the 3 miles home 8 hours later? Will it effect my running schedule?

Finally, I decided that I will never figure those questions out if I never even try it…and today was the day. The weather is suppose to be nice today…80* and only a slight chance of rain. The ride here was better and worse than I expected. The distance didn't seem as bad as I thought (I made it in about 23 minutes). But the actual work seemed harder. I could tell I was using muscles that I don't normally work. Biking on an actual bike is SO much different than the stationary at the gym…WAY more different that the road vs treadmill! But overall, I now know that I can do it (well, a day or two a week, maybe).

On a different note, it looks like there are a few fellow bloggers that are trying something called the "Hundred Push Up Challenge." It is a 6 week program to get you up to 100 consecutive push-ups. While I have very little faith that I can get there in 6 weeks (I think I will be repeating a week here and there), I am going to go for it and give it a try. I did the initial assessment this morning, and let's just say I am in the "Under 5" category. The program requires a workout 3 days a week, so I am going to wait until next week and try for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Anyone else want to join in? I know Jodes and Chris are already doing it…anyone else? Here is the website: one hundred push ups


Rachel said...

Great to hear that your bike to work went well! I wish I lived close enough to do the same. I may potentially join this pushup challenge. Just have to see how much time I have to dedicate to it.

jodes said...

That's awesome that you biked to work! I wish I lived close enough to do that (i have a 90 minute commute as it is). Biking will help your running too. Excellent cross training. And hey, all you have to do is add swimming to the mix and you're ready for triathlons!! :o) Which are even more addicting than running! LOL!

*jen* said...

That's very cool! I've thought about biking to work as well but was always too intimidated or the distance was too far.

I was thinking about doing the pushup challenge as well...I need to check the site out. I barely managed 5 when I tried it the other day. I love the idea of being able to do 100! CRAZY!