Thursday, June 26, 2008

Perfect Timing

After my 10K race this weekend, my next race is the Lifetime Torchlight 5K which runs through downtown Minneapolis in the evening before the Aquatennial parade - for those non-twincitians, the Aquatennial is a huge 10-day festival in downtown Minneapolis that started in 1940 and has the best fireworks display (thanks Target) in MN. So, I will be running a 5K with thousands of people lined up waiting for the parade (according to the website, there will be about 150,000 people getting ready for the parade)…I really don't want this to be the first race that I finish last! So, once the 10K is over, my focus will be shifting to more speedwork (but keeping my long run of course). I really haven't done much if any speedwork the last month, I was focusing almost exclusively on just adding miles both to my long run and to my mpw.

So, this week I picked up the newest edition of RW (I really need to sign up for a subscription) and guess what they have? A training plan for running a faster 5K…thanks RW, now I don't need to search the web for training suggestions.

Still deciding on whether I will be running with or without the stroller...


Rachel said...

I had pondered running this race but it looks like I really need to get my 10 miler in this weekend. Have lots of fun!!

concreterunner said...

hellow fellow runner for the roses. great job on beating your 10k goal today.