Monday, May 12, 2008

Ok, so I ran the entire 8K distance this weekend (actually 5 miles). No walking at all – I was even drinking water and chewed a couple sportbeans while running! I typically let myself walk for water breaks, but really it is just an excuse to walk, right? I did walk about a minute after the 5 miles though, and then ran the last half mile back to the car.

So, total run was just over an hour (1:00:18 to be exact) which is a 10:56 pace…convert to km…8km distance…so, I should theoretically be able to finish an 8K race in 55 minutes! Ok, you heard it here – goal time for first 8K race on June 1 is to break 55 minutes (with NO walking).

Tonight me and the family get on a plane for vacation. I packed the running clothes. I am really going to try to use them.

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