Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Slacker...but at least I have been running!

It has been so crazy at work the past couple months - I am an accountant that has so much year-end stuff to deal with that it takes at least 2 months! Since I typically blog from work, that means that I haven't had much time to write anything. Well, the end of the tunnel is near…just a couple more weeks and I will be able to breath again.

I have been keeping up with reading all of my favorite blogs though…and have even managed to post a comment here and there.

I also have managed to keep up my running (although I honestly don't know how). I am really starting to look forward to warmer weather and earlier sunrises to get me off that treadmill! I have gotten outside a couple times in the last few weeks, but it is just still so cold. I was hoping to be able to move my long runs outside over the next couple weeks, but I can't stay outside for more than 3-4 miles, and that isn't a very long run.

Next week I will be in Florida! For a work-related turned family vacation trip (first part of the week is work, followed by a long weekend of family fun). Wish me luck on getting in some warm outdoor runs!

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Irish Cream said...

Nice job keeping up with the running despite being so busy at work! I for one know how difficult that can be . . . so congrats! Keep up the good work!

I think we're all itching for warmer weather--let's hope it comes soon. But hey, even if it doesn't, a break in Florida should definitely be nice. I am totally jealous! Enjoy your trip! :)