Monday, February 2, 2009

Out of Town Running

I spent the weekend in Chicago visiting a friend. I wasn't expecting to get out for a run, but of course I took some gear just in case! Well, it turns out I did make it out - and the weather was beautiful...much warmer than it has been, and the Windy City wasn't even that windy. My friend lives right near Lincoln Park Zoo, which is literally on the shore of Lake Michigan. I walked about 3-4 blocks total before I made it to the lakeshore. Looking toward the lake, it was a gorgeous view - a few yards of snow with the light waves of the lake just beyond. One thing that is nice about a lake the size of Lake Michigan (as opposed to the Minnesota lakes I usually run around) is that you can't see the other might as well be the ocean, the water goes right to the horizon. It would have been a perfect run, if the smell of exhaust didn't keep reminding me that I was literally running alongside a highway! It wasn't a very long run either, just about 2.5 miles (Oh yeah, I forgot to grab my Garmin too) because I only had a pair of retired running shoes with me that I had brought as comfortable walking shoes. Oh well, it was still a nice (and unexpected) run. Plus, I do enjoy seeing some new running scenery.

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