Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Long Run = Zero Miles

So, I missed my first long run this weekend. I have a good excuse though…I had visitors for the fourth. Ok, so maybe the excuse isn't that good, but it is all I have. I slept later than usual and the kids were already awake, and I was not going to run 7 miles in the humidity we had on Sunday. I about melted outside putting a couple plants in the garden. I considered going to the gym that evening, but couldn't imagine spending that much time on the treadmill.

Instead, I set my alarm a little earlier than usual Monday morning so that I could get a little bit longer run in (4-5 miles vs my usual 3-4 miles). And Monday morning I just wasn't feeling right. I got up (not as early as planned), got dressed, ate a little, and headed out the door. I ran about a quarter mile and decided it was not happening, so I walked back home. My stomach was just not cooperating.

Don't worry though, I am feeling much better today. I actually got my butt out of bed early enough to make it out for almost 4 miles. It was a little tougher than the same route on Friday, but I assume that is because I haven't really run since Friday.

So, I officially put my hat in the ring for the TC 10 miler…I signed up for the lottery yesterday. Lottery results should be posted on the 18th…only 10 days!! Cross your fingers!


Jen said...

Hey Lady! Thanks for the tag. My post is up! Work keeps me insanely busy, but I wanted to tell you thanks for the nice words of encouragement you always post on my site :) It makes my day.cd

crossn81 said...

Good Luck in the lottery!