Monday, August 6, 2012

My First Mile

Remember when you ran your first mile?  I do - I was on the treadmill at the YMCA.  I ran until the display said 1.00 and then hit the stop button and caught my breath.  Well - now I have another mile to first mile swim!  I actually hit it faster than I expected.  Last week, I came sooo close (my wednesday swim was only 60 yds shy of the mile mark), but I didn't realize it until I was logging my swim or I wouldn't done two more laps.  So, today before I got out of the pool, I checked my lap count to see how close I was to the magic 36 laps...and I had already swam 41 laps!  Hmmm, what shall be the next distance goal for the hour long class...I'm not too far off from 2km (44 laps) so that is not much of a stretch, maybe an even 50 laps (2,500 yds)?  Why not? 

Today's workout - Swim 2050 yds. First mile swim!! 


Mayra Delfino said...

Lovely jobly!!!

fLargaespada said...

I do not remember my first mile. I just hate running, but Im an athlete so i have to run :( unfortunately