Friday, January 15, 2010

Upping the Mileage (a Haiku)

It is a new year.
The holidays are over.
Upping the mileage.

I have a couple races on my calendar. No more excuses to be a slacker.

Last week I had my first 20 mile week since before Thanksgiving.

It felt good to actually get in some decent runs. Unfortunately, they were all on the treadmill. Yeah, yeah, I know just a couple posts ago I was talking about being all "hardcore" and running in the coldness of Minnesota...but then it got REALLY COLD! I mean temps (not even talking windchills here) in the subzeros/subteens. The average temp for the first couple weeks of the year here was a big goose egg - yep 0*!! Plus, I have been fighting off a cold (just adding to the excuses here...) and didn't want to help it along.

This Sunday the forecast is a high of 33 & low of 16. That sounds more doable! I've got 8-9 miles on the schedule - the last time I did a run that long was also before Thanksgiving. I feel like my running has a purpose again...not only to not lose too much fitness. It has even motivated me to start watching my diet again too (that went out the window over the holidays) so that I can run better/further/faster. I think all the junk I was eating was making me feel sluggish.


shupecrew said...

I came across your blog and am very impressed how organized you are for your future races!! I think it is awesome you run outside in the cold weather. I am in Utah and hate running outside in the bitter cold!!! I am treadmill bound until end of February! Good luck on your races! I do that Ragnar race in Utah! The past 5 is an intense running weekend but soooo worth it!!! Enjoy from one running junkie to another! :) Happy Trails!

Rachel said...

Hope you get some nice warm runs in this weekend! I will still be treadmilling it because I am terribly afraid of the ice everywhere.