Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I feel so Hardcore...

I have actually been doing some of my runs outside this winter! I got a pair of winter running pants for my birthday...Love Them:
They are nice and warm, although I have worn a pair of tight shorts under them for the last couple runs. For some reason, my booty/thighs were getting a little too cold still. This is my first winter actually venturing outside - I even ran in the fresh snow this morning!

Now, let me add a disclaimer here - not all of my runs have been outside. Most of my runs (during the week) are still on the treadmill because I really don't like running in the dark and I have a job to get to. But the last couple weekends - since I got the new pants - I have made it outside.

Let me tell you - running in the snow is no easy feat! Snow and slush move around too much under the feet. My outdoor pace has really sucked, but I am not concerned about that, I know that I am getting a good workout because I can feel it. I think that this will actually be good for my knees & ankles since they have to work harder to keep me stabilized.

Also - I was just looking at my mileage for 2009 (which isn't going to hit my 1000 mile goal) and I realized that I had at least one run EVERY week this year! I know that may sound like a small achievement for some of you, but I thought that was pretty cool. Next year...I'm gonna get that 1000 mile year!!

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Rachel said...

Awesome job on the run every week! And be careful out there--I've heard some brutal stories from winter runners on slippery surfaces. Congrats for braving the cold!!!