Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where have I been?

Has it really been over a week since I blogged? Where has the time gone?

Well, last week was a good running week...this week, not so much.

Last week I had 3 easy runs between 2-4 miles each, one interval workout (I really do enjoy the intervals) that was 6.5 miles and a 5K race which I will blog about later (I will post a race report). I missed having a long run, but besides that it was pretty nice.

This week started out on vacation in the Dells - the waterpark capital of the world (or something like that). Amazingly, I actually made it to the treadmill Monday morning and went 2.5 miles, which was all I had time for because the park opened at 9:00 and I needed to get back and in my suit before the rest of the family left me behind. Tuesday I just didn't have the motivation to do it again. Yesterday was my first day back at work and I really wanted to sleep I didn't make it to the gym. This morning I finally made it to the gym, but I was in a hurry again...I had an 8:00 meeting this morning which I didn't want to be late for. So, in order to get more miles into my limited time I upped the speed (logical, right?). Well, when I paused the treadmill at 3.4 miles I realized how dizzy I was getting (that's never happened before) and didn't think it would be smart to continue running like that. I finished out another 0.1 mile to make it an even 3.5 at a slower pace and wasn't feeling any better, so I got off.

So, that puts me right at 6 miles so far for the week! Not looking good. I really have to get a good long run in this weekend. I haven't actually made it into double digits yet this year and I have a half marathon in just about 3 weeks!! I was hoping to be more prepared for it. Only 2 more long run weekends left!

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