Friday, December 26, 2008

Thanks Santa!

For the higher temps. I actually got a couple outside runs in over the holiday!

Christmas Eve afternoon I decided to try a short run...I made it 1.5 miles. My legs were about to the limit (cold-wise) when I made it home. A chilly run, but the first outdoor run this month!

Then, Christmas day was looking so good...a little warmer (teens) and sunny with little wind...that I just had to go out again. I started the same 1.5 mile route I did the day before, but since I wasn't getting cold, I decided to make it longer. Well, I got a couple miles out and decided to cut through some "Minimum Maintenance" trails to get back home...WOW, running in a couple inches of snow up and down hills is hard work!! I was completely beat when I got home (about 3 miles) but it felt so good!

This morning I went to the gym.

I hope Santa was good to you too!

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Rachel said...

Everyone appears to be braving the cold weather for runs. This should be motivating me to run outside...but the idea of ice terrifies me. I already slipped walking once this season. BUT I'm happy to hear there are some of who are able to get those outdoor runs in up here in Northland and don't chicken out on the 'mill.