Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ready to smash that 5K PR...I think...

This may be my last chance of 2008 to beat that old 5K PR of mine. I just don't know that I will be eager to get out and run another 5K after my half the frigid Nov/Dec Minnesota weather. I know that I can do it. Both my 8K and 10K that I ran this summer were at a better pace than my 5K PR. But I just haven't managed to do it yet. I haven't run many 5Ks this year since I was focusing on increasing my mileage and working up the 10 mile/13.1 mile range. Plus, most of the ones that I did run were with the stroller. There shouldn't be anything to hold me back this time...except maybe...

My knee has been feeling completely fine the last couple days. Of course, I haven't run on it since Monday. I got a little biking (my first spin class) in on Tuesday and did some light weights and swimming on Wednesday. Today and tomorrow will be rest days. Then hopefully I will be able to push the pace on Saturday with absolutely no knee pain.

My goal times:
Under 30:00 - Would be absolutely fabulous, but not really expecting it.
Under 31:00 - I should be able to do this. Assuming the knee holds up, I will pacing the first 2 miles at 10:00 and hopefully will be able to push a little faster for the last 1.1 miles.
Under 33:33 - My long standing PR from 2006...needs to go down!

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