Friday, March 28, 2008

TC 10 Miler...I think I can...

Ok. A little background on my running...I enjoy it, but am not very good at it. I started running a couple years ago, but tend to stick with it for a couple months then take a month off - rinse & repeat. I am slow...average about 11-12 minute miles with my fastest miles being just under 10 minutes. I also don't have that great of endurance...on a great day, I would be able to run about 5K without stopping. But usually I take a couple walk breaks in there. My longest runs (only a couple) have been about 10K.

Anyway, I have become more motivated the last couple months, after watching some of the Twin Cities Marathon on the TV/internet. Now, I have always been one that had no intention of ever running a marathon, but after watching that I really got inspired. So, I have decided to enter the lottery for the TC 10 miler this year! I know it is no marathon - but it is huge for me. I have never even run/walked 10 miles before. Thus, I have until October 5 to train...should be plenty of time...if I can make myself stick to it.

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