Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mississippi 10 Miler

Sorry I haven't been a good blogger lately...although I have been reading all of yours. I have finally broken down and gotten into facebook so now when I am on the computer I am usually working on my farm or restaurant or doing a job for my mafia.

I have been doing pretty good about increasing my mileage, although it is tough to get out for the weekend long-runs.

Last weekend I ended up running my first 10 mile race. It was the most low key race I have ever run. The start line consisted of a crack in the sidewalk...seriously - I heard the woman on the phone figuring it out right before she announced "Here is the start, line up here." It only cost $15 though and was a decent course with a good group of runners. I could have used a spectator or two at a couple points to push me on, but I still did ok. I managed to run the entire race...not one step of walking and finished with a good average pace. Somewhere around the fourth mile my garmin got off track with the course and I had a little trouble telling exactly how I was doing, so I was happy when I crossed the finish line in exactly 1:43 (I was going for somewhere between 1:40 - 1:45).

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Rachel said...

Awesome job!! Sounds like an interesting race with the crack as a starting line!